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How To Manage Your To-Do List

  Are you the kind of person who has to write to-do lists in order to have a productive day? I definitely am, but there always seems to be a problem with this method. One, my list is never a reasonable amount. I always write down more than what can be accomplished in a day leaving me feeling disappointed at the end of one. Two, procrastination sets in. I’m always eager to cross an item off my list so I tackle the easiest ones first. Small victories but nowhere close to winning the war. What I’m left with is the most challenging longest tasks rolling over to day two and yes sometimes even day three. What the heck, if I’m being honest here let’s just say next week. I hope as you’re reading this you’re not judging my struggles in life. Can you relate or are you a person who has a firm handle on your everyday tasks? Maybe you’ve established a hierarchy and have the discipline to stick to it. For example, today these …

Are you living your life to the fullest? Yes you are! But please read on to be sure.

I had made it to the party, step one.
Now to find my exit buddy, step two.

Trying to look at ease and confident, I search. Finally, I spot a friend of mine. It’s just the two of us talking for a bit but then somehow we are joined by an older couple (late 30’s). The man, at least a foot taller than me, decked out in black and sporting jewelry across his wrists and fingers, is full of buzzed energy. The woman beside him, a calmer opposite.

We are taken through his entire life it seems. He, an open character with very expressive movements, starts to encroach on my invisible defensive bubble.

You Never Know Until You Walk Out That Door…

Now this might be more of an instance with introverts, but… You usually like to stay home, watch a movie with your favorite choice of snack, maybe read a good book, or type away at your computer like I am now. But on occasion when someone or something convinces you to go out, you’re glad you went. Maybe you even had an occurrence when you met someone and thought, “wow I never would’ve had such a meaningful conversation if I had stayed in!” Sound familiar? Yup, ah-huh. That was me last night. It was one of those typical small talk conversations which inevitably led to, what did you study in college and where are you working? He was a mechanic and I an aspiring architect so we naturally bonded over art, design, and a creator’s mindset. Soon we found a similar passion for leadership, entrepreneurship, and the future. The one question I always get when I tell people I studied architecture in school is if I’m going to own my own firm one day. As …