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Another Rejection To Motivate Me

How does that phrase go?

“If you want to make God laugh, make plans.”

Oh come on! How else is a non-spontaneous girl supposed to live! I have to make plans, write daily to do lists in my planner, stick to a strict sleep schedule, you get the picture.

Okay, I’m stalling from what I’m really here to say.

I didn’t get the job.

And as per my coping mechanism I start to write…

I’m giving myself one night of sadness but then we must move on! (Noted: I often like to talk in the third person, I feel like then it’s a group effort) You know those really successful people that have these amazing stories of rags to riches. It’s because they had motivation to change their lives, to create a better world for not only themselves but for others around them. It’s so INSPIRING! Since I’m a Catholic I also look up to non “Cradle Catholics,” the converts, the ones that chose Catholicism, some even going against their own families religion. They all have this HUNGER to learn and become the best person they can be. If I’m being honest, I’m always a little jealous of these people, which is terrible because most of the time their stories are really difficult to hear. I’m jealous of their ambition and drive, doubting myself and thinking I don’t have that.

Well of course not! You didn’t have a difficult childhood. And thank God for that.

You know what you do have though? This NO.

Another no that you can put into your box full of other no’s and use it as a MOTIVATOR. With each no this box gets BIGGER and when I stand on top of it I will reach heights I never thought possible!

It’s no rags to riches story, but I’m getting there. Keep those NO’s coming!!!

Okay, motivational moment over I hope my roommate doesn’t mind me taking one more cookie from her stash, or five…


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