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Hello Old Friend

The reason for my absence? Masters of Architecture, first semester down! I took a three year break in between my undergrad and graduate school and let me tell you, people weren’t kidding when they said it was hard to get back in. I think I cried my way through the first semester of school.

I’m overexaggerating, but there was definitely at least one breakdown in that first month. We hit the ground running and I wasn’t used to the whole not sleeping thing. I had slept for three years and it was great!

This however, this is different, this is not homework, this is me. The soft clicks of the keyboard pairing nicely with the low drum of the airplane. Floating above who knows where, I’m headed to Vermont to see my sister for Christmas break. A Texas family going to the North for Christmas. Not the best idea.

There’s something about writing on an airplane. I could almost imagine myself a world traveler blogging about my adventures or a CEO writing notes before my big meeting in Europe. As I peer out the circular window to see the city lights below, sipping my coffee…

Actually, it’s more like:

I’m in Coach, with my computer screen half raised because there’s not enough room between me and the seat in front of me with a plastic water cup squeezed between my legs. Yup, that’s the real picture right there.

And now the person’s leaning back – great.

I’m happy though, my mothers beside me and I’m typing away. I have so much to say! I learned a lot this semester, made new friends, took a trip to Japan, more to come on that, tried and failed, tried and succeeded and made it out alive and stronger!

It was such a blessing to be able to go back to school. Compared to undergrad where memorization and taking tests takes up most of your non studio time, grad school is about learning why. It’s about asking questions, driven not by your teacher, but by you. It’s a time for honing in on your own architectural “theory.”

What drives and motivates you in your designs? The real basic question to ask yourself is, why do you want to become an architect? It’s a time of reflection and honesty. A question, I thought seemed simple at first, became weighted with memories and emotions. But the answer, once realized, is all the more meaningful once acquired.

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Texas A&M University Env. D Alum 16' UTSA Masters of Architecture Alum 21' Architect in the making, passionate writer, fashion enthusiast, moment maker, life chaser!

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