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How To Manage Your To-Do List


Are you the kind of person who has to write to-do lists in order to have a productive day?

I definitely am, but there always seems to be a problem with this method. One, my list is never a reasonable amount. I always write down more than what can be accomplished in a day leaving me feeling disappointed at the end of one. Two, procrastination sets in. I’m always eager to cross an item off my list so I tackle the easiest ones first. Small victories but nowhere close to winning the war. What I’m left with is the most challenging longest tasks rolling over to day two and yes sometimes even day three. What the heck, if I’m being honest here let’s just say next week.

I hope as you’re reading this you’re not judging my struggles in life. Can you relate or are you a person who has a firm handle on your everyday tasks? Maybe you’ve established a hierarchy and have the discipline to stick to it. For example, today these tasks must be completed then you can tackle the easier ones as a prize.

Another problem I’ve come across is choosing tasks that take the most time but are more enjoyable than others. So in an attempt to be productive, I fall short. For me, this all boils down to how I organize my list. Gone are the days of quickly jotting down my scrambled thoughts on scratch paper. This is serious life planning I’m setting up for. Bring out the two ply!

My clever solutions:

Since my most important tasks usually get lost in a sea of words, it’s time I organize. From now on I shall separate my list into two columns, simple daily ones and important ASAP tasks. Now it will be painfully obvious how much I’m neglecting my main responsibilities.

Another simple solution is understanding the difference between day to day tasks and goals. Goals are usually your big picture, not to be accomplished in one day and not to be included in your regular to-do list. By identifying and separating them out, this will clear up your to-do list and further, clear your mind. Furthermore, your goals list should also be separated into two columns, short term and long term. Short term goals, once reached, will give you that resting point and strength to continue on to accomplishing that final goal.

My clever examples:

Daily Tasks:

  • Book dentist appointment

ASAP Tasks:

  • Apply for jobs

Short Term:

  •  LEED GA exam

Long Term:

  • Complete all my AXP hours


With the right mind set, good organizational skills, and two ply paper anything can be fixed!

What is your solution to tackling the days tasks?

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