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You Never Know Until You Walk Out That Door…

Now this might be more of an instance with introverts, but…

You usually like to stay home, watch a movie with your favorite choice of snack, maybe read a good book, or type away at your computer like I am now. But on occasion when someone or something convinces you to go out, you’re glad you went. Maybe you even had an occurrence when you met someone and thought, “wow I never would’ve had such a meaningful conversation if I had stayed in!”

Sound familiar? Yup, ah-huh. That was me last night.

It was one of those typical small talk conversations which inevitably led to, what did you study in college and where are you working? He was a mechanic and I an aspiring architect so we naturally bonded over art, design, and a creator’s mindset. Soon we found a similar passion for leadership, entrepreneurship, and the future.

The one question I always get when I tell people I studied architecture in school is if I’m going to own my own firm one day. As if that’s the one goal we have, the highest point we can achieve, or possibly the limit of our imagination. But I can say, I myself am limited by imagination and fear. It takes a great deal to own your own business and no less amount of strength, discipline, and sacrifice to keep it running successfully. I’ve never been sure I could do that.

But his question threw me off. “Why?”

“Why do you want to work in an architecture firm? Why do you want to be just another person behind a desk?” His next: “What’s big on the market in Architecture? What’s the one thing people are looking for, now?”

His now was the important point. What’s trending, and how can you ride that trend and make it your success? You master what you can and become a leader in that area. Make a brand and a name for yourself. So yes, owning your own business, but in a completely separate dynamic. Find a niche that you are passionate about and maybe one day it can grow into something incredible. Suddenly, with passion involved, my fear started to fade into purpose.

Sometimes it can be easy to lose sight of the future and get overwhelmed by the all-encompassing present moments in our life, but then you have that moment when you gain perspective.  For me it was that ordinary conversation turning into a more meaningful interaction than I was expecting. Have you ever thought, “I am so glad I came out tonight?” Had a conversation or experienced a time that was highlighted from the rest that changed your life, or even just that day?

This conversation I wouldn’t say was life changing, but I think of it more as a domino. One more domino added to the line that will lead me to my goal. And maybe, one day, I’ll have the courage to tip that domino and build my passion.


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Texas A&M University Env. D Alum 16' UTSA Masters of Architecture Alum 21' Architect in the making, passionate writer, fashion enthusiast, moment maker, life chaser!


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