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Move Over School – Big Girl Job

What I love about journaling is that after a year (+) at work I come back to this, and it makes me chuckle.

She lives! (Mushu voice)

You know what’s a great feeling? Turning off your tv. You think it’s easy. Just press the button, but man that Netflix gets you with those couple of seconds till the next episode. I lazily fumble for my “lost” remote. Oh no where is it? I can’t find it. Whoops the next episode is playing…

Today marks week two at my new job. I basically wobbled home, eyes blinking, taking in the sunlight after emerging from the office. I’m better now. As you can see, I’m actually sitting down and writing instead of napping – productivity it’s a wonderful thing. Unless I think about the dinner I have yet to cook. I’m good though, I had some brownies! 

I’m trying to be better. Today I took a measured 30 minute nap after work and only went over a couple of minutes. I watch only one episode and only went over a couple of minutes into the second one. I plan on cooking tonight. Things are looking up!

Yes, I did it! I graduated with my Master’s of Architecture from UTSA, got a job from the career fair, relocated for said job, and am now in my first ever full-time big girl job! The next steps that follow are to study for those darn ARE’s.

I’m working with people my own age and am being led by a wonderful leader who’s been very patient with me. I’ve had many rejections from job applications that I can’t help but think this was all meant to happen. I know some people have faith in God’s plan and others do not. I see and hear the argument that both make, but I try to be optimistic. All I can say is if this was part of His plan, I thank Him. Although, to joke, I think it would’ve been a lot easier on my parents if I stayed home. My poor dad had to take almost two weeks off from work to move me across Texas.

A funny memory surfaces…

My dad was unloading the storage closest from my old apartment, mostly filled with random odds and ends (all for later use of course), in the blazing humid midday. I went out to join for a bit to direct him where to put this heavy, rather cumbersome looking box that was currently balancing on his shoulder. Very slowly he poked his head around the box and said in between puffs, “is it still too late to stay in San Antonio?” My mother and I burst into laughter. Dear old dad full of jokes!

Change is hard but it was worth it.     

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