My name is Marisa Dominguez, I’m 26 with a Bachelor in Environmental Design from Texas A&M University and currently working on my M.ARCH at the University of Texas at San Antonio. I am currently working at Habitat for Humanity and I want more. Funny to hear someone admit it right? We’re taught to be quiet and polite, to accept what we’ve been given, but we all think it.

I want more excitement in my life, more money to travel, more desserts in my pantry, ext. Clearly you can see where my priorities lie!

But if I’m being serious…

I want to do more, be more
I want to reach more people
I want to feel like I’m making a difference

My passions are showcased in this blog dealing with architecture, design, writing, drawing and photography. This is my life bubble yes, but why should we confine ourselves only to our profession when there is a world of stories and knowledge out there. That is why out of all the sections I am most excited about the Life Tips. I hope this will grow to include stories from all professions, with all backgrounds, sharing all types of advice and experiences. I’ll be sharing my own as well, mostly concerning the life of a young designer, but why stop there? Let’s explore, ask questions and learn from each other.

If you have a story or any advice you’d like to offer up please email me!


  1. Carmen Dominguez says

    I am older than you and have done all of the above and would love to post some of my words of wisdom. Thank you for having the courage to open up to people and wise enough to ask for advice. Especially now when people don’t seem to communicate because of technology. We read and look at our phones but never look up to listen what others are really saying. There is a danger if this continues. Sharing and learning may become a thing of the past. So I appreciate your blog. Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

    • It would mean everything to share your wisdom! Thank you for the compliment. I really hope to connect with people in this blog 🙂


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