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Who is your favorite Architect?

Rome, Italy

Is it just me or do you get asked this question too?

Whether you’re a design professional, or an artist of any form, it seems people want to know where we get our inspiration from and it makes sense. In the design world we look for inspiration from the greats.

I remember one professor saying, “what you’re envisioning for your project, it’s probably already been designed before so don’t be afraid of researching and gathering ideas from other people. It’s not stealing or cheating it’s the way we learn, from the best, from history.”

Although I almost expect it now, this question always frustrates me because after all my years of schooling or personal artwork I have never found a single architect who is my favorite. I’ve never felt an attachment to one over others or the urge to single one out. I don’t know if this makes me a poor aspiring architect but it definitely makes me feel like one. Maybe I should spend some weeks researching and finally pick one if not to at least have an answer to their question.

If I answer, “I don’t have one” or try to sound a little more apologetic with, “I’ve never been able to narrow it down to one” listing several architects off the top of my head to appease them, I nevertheless get the same result, disappointment.

I’m sorry! During school I had projects that ranged from healthcare clinics to fashion retail with a great variety of architects and architecture to gather inspiration from. I never lingered on the thought of who was my favorite. Granted I was never asked that question in school.

I guess it also boils down to knowing yourself to know your favorite designer. You choose your favorite through loving his/her style and for me choosing my favorite style of design has always been an elusive antagonizer.

Maybe the fault lies in the question, with people asking for a single inspiration. Maybe my original answer of “I’ve never been able to narrow it down to one” is the perfect answer. Maybe I’ll give you an answer of my top three or five and you will be impressed. Most importantly, I will finally have an answer that I am proud of and excited to share.

As a challenge, next time you see me, ask me who my favorite architect is and be prepared to be dazzled! Maybe one day you’ll see a post about my favorite architect/architects but for now I ask you…

Who is your favorite architect/ designer?

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  1. Carmen Dominguez says

    I don’t know many names of architects but the only one that comes to mind is Bernini probably because I kept hearing about him over and over when in Italy. I believe he is the one that constructed all of the fountains and the chair of St Peter’s Basilica.
    However, recently we saw in a 60 Minute segment about a blind architect in San Francisco, Chris Downey. He became blind at the age of 45. It’s an incredible story about how this blindness actually made him a better architect.
    It is so beautiful how different we are and can each give to society in our unique ways. So having one architect you admire is a difficult feat. Although I do see it is possible to admire a few closest to YOUR own unique vision that only enhances you into a better architect. I agree with what your professor said.

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    • The name I always heard in Italy was, Brunelleschi, architect of the Duomo in Florence. I definitely need to read about Chris Downey. His story sounds incredible! I shall research him and see if he makes it into my top five. Thanks!


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