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The Power of Financial Education

Unfair Advantage – Robert T. Kiyosaki
The power of financial education

My mother is a stay at home mom but has undertaken the challenge, what Kiyosaki calls to be, “financially free.”

This all started with the expensive process of both her daughters going to college and wasting more money on dorms and renting apartments. She decided she no longer wanted to waste her money but to invest it. Instead of renting she would buy. At first she started with one and has now progressed to owning several more. This was a very smart decision because not only was this a college town where employment was steady but also where renters were only increasing in number. After this first dip she realized she wanted to dive into the real estate business. To further her education she has attended seminars and read many books one of which was Kiyosaki’s, Unfair Advantage- The Power of Financial Education.

I will be very honest and say I have neither a financial education or a close understanding of this world’s economy. I am simply a young adult who is reading their first book on finances. But it will not be my last! Here’s to hoping I at least take a fraction of the knowledge supplied.

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