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Clocking Out For The Last Time

You know how in the movies you always see the fired person leaving work with their cardboard box and plant walking out the entrance or with the elevator doors shutting on them with a slow zoom coming up on their face?

That was me, except I wasn’t fired thank goodness, which made it much more pleasant. It was an internship and my time had expired. Such a weird feeling to become attached to something, have it become habit, then have to change it the very next day. I had been there a little over a year. Now, tomorrow I will not see my boss in the morning, I will not say good morning to my office mates or see the acquaintances I’ve made. It’s sad, but we move on right? I’m experiencing what everybody calls, “the closing of a chapter.” Now I must flip to a new page and write something wonderfully imaginative! Of course there will be guidelines to follow like, go to grad school, go to work, but I hope I can fit something interesting in-between those.

I worked with some great people and had a wonderful boss, who will forever be a role model to me. Everyday she was a show of strength, determination, and confidence and as I leave I walk a little taller trying my best to be a woman of such caliber. I owe everyone I worked with a million thanks and a million hugs. You will not be forgotten!

So at the end of my day, as papers made their way into the shredder and my last few bites of chocolate cake were eaten, I noticed the voices starting to fade around me. It was time to go. I gathered up my belongings, clocking out for the last time, walked out the glass double doors and…

(YES I did the slow walk with the last look back; it was my movie scene time!)

… I slowly turned back to the building, arms beginning to feel the weight of my stuffed box, wind whipping my hair and dress all around me and wished it one last farewell.

(there was actually no wind)

Thank you and goodbye SAWS till next time!

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