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First Day of Work

Oh the beginnings of a new internship…


We’ve all heard the stories about interns getting the bottom of the barrel tasks. Nothing wrong with it, we all have to start somewhere, and the stories can be entertaining to read. Since graduating I found myself working small contract jobs, joining a small startup Architecture firm, working as a Construction Leader at Habitat for Humanity, even starting up my own Airbnb, but I had never held an official Architectural Intern title.

Turns out the stories are true!

I started my new job at SAWS (San Antonio Water System) as an Architectural and Construction Management Intern. On my first day I sorted through FFE sheets (furniture, fixtures and equipment) counting how many trashcans, desks, chairs, whiteboards, ext., would go in each room, making an Excel sheet to stay organized. My boss joked with me that she had me working on trashcans my first day. Not the most exciting first day but at least now I had the classic intern experience! There are probably worse first day stories out there and my day was in no way bad or disappointing it was just amusing to me to be actually experiencing it.

Other things I noticed while at an office job:

  • My butt hurts! I’m highly considering getting an office ball to sit on.
  • Focusing on work, especially when you’re trying to read or research is difficult when you can hear gossip or interesting family stories all around you. Very thin walls these cubicles are.

Can you relate?

If you have a first day of work story you want to share I would love to hear it! How about office frustrations to get off your chest? Don’t worry you’re not alone. Send me an email through my contact page or from your original blog post and I’ll link it back to you!

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